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Who We Are

Inspiring Your Future is a social non-for-profit organisation with a conscience. Established in 2020 we design and deliver programmes of support that directly impact our communities.


Our aim is simple; to support people to achieve their potential no matter what barriers they may face. We are a trauma informed organisation with peoples well- being and mental health at the very core of everything we do.


Every programme we deliver has four pillars of success that underpin it; Life, Social, Mind and Body.




Inspiring Your Future is a social enterprise set up to unite communities and empower lives.


We create opportunity for positive change through our inclusive projects, focusing on mental health, well-being, exercise and nutrition.

A future where all members of our community have the opportunity, knowledge and self-belief to thrive.

We believe its fundamental to a person’s success if they can effectively access and implement these four basic cornerstones to transform their own lives and communities



Direction, Identity, Personal Growth


Relationships, Values, Purpose

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Mental Health, Managing Emotions, Coping Mechanisms


Exercise and Activity, Diet and Nutrition, Self-Care



Setting achievable goals and building a plan to get you where you want to be is vital for anyone embarking on a journey of change. Helping you understand your identity, your beliefs and how they limit you will then, we believe, enable you to grow. We will help you recognise what is within your power to change, what you want for yourself and how to overcome the barriers you feel that stop you achieving this.



Being able to engage in positive relationships allow us to find happiness and grow. Identifying our values helps us to understand how we view the world, how we interact with people and what is important to us; they shape our choices and decisions. Knowing what is important to you and why it is important to you gives you stability and increases your  self -esteem and self-confidence.  Having and recognising good values increases everyone’s chances of achieving this.

Having a sense of purpose is integral for anyone to be able to guide their behaviour and obtain their goals. We believe that finding and understanding your sense of purpose will give you better mental health and overall wellbeing. Being able to find your purpose involves a sense of self knowledge that can be nurtured through positive experiences, interactions and self-belief.



Mental health is important as it impacts how we think, feel, behave and interact with others.

No matter what age you are the importance of mental health for anyone’s wellbeing cannot be underestimated. When your mental health is affected it can cause negative behaviours that will affect both your personal life and compromise relationships with others. Having the knowledge to not only recognise our own mental health and the health of those around you allows us to adapt, manage and cope with the challenges we all face effectively.  We believe this will therefore reduce any negative impact it can have on an individual, families, relationships and connection in the community.



Having access to a variety of exercise programmes whatever your age or ability not only changes your body it changes your mood, attitude and mind for the better.

Showing and teaching the importance of eating well and how this directly impacts your mood, energy levels and health helps people to understand that a healthy outside starts from the inside. We believe that nutritious, affordable, practical meals should be available to everyone and are committed to sharing the knowledge and skills to achieve this; ensuring that everyone feels empowered, confident and capable to use them in their everyday lives.

By treating our bodies with respect, we are reinforcing that we value ourselves, and recognising our behaviours have a significant impact on our wellbeing. Adopting healthy habits and being able to avoid destructive ones gives us the power to appreciate and respect ourselves; therefore, creating a vessel for our behaviour and choices to mirror each other in a positive way.


“Your life rests on the four pillars of success, having strong pillars creates a society of truth, freedom, triumph and fulfilment”

Our Team

Sara Ramsden
Chief Executive Officer

Jill Jones
Director of Education & Safeguarding

Steve Goodwin
Head Boxing Coach

Paul Economides
WBF International & Intercontinental Champion.
Boxing & Fitness Coach

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The team at Inspiring Your Future have years of experience in their chosen field, the skill pool and experience we have brought together to create our Inspiring Futures programmes gives us the ability to change lives for the better.

Steve and Paul are a powerhouse in the boxing world, they have worked with people from all ages and backgrounds in the local community sharing the wide benefits of boxing. Their unique approach has seen them work with young people with some of the biggest challenges and they have worked alongside many agencies including the probation service, the police, children’s services and education services over the last 20 years.

Jill and Sara are behavioural intervention specialists and have over 20 years of experience in local authority provisions and have collaborated on many programmes together. They both recognise the importance of mental health and how that impacts individuals and the wider community. As a team they have worked on their own projects with young people involved in county lines, child exploitation, trafficking, the criminal justice system and the care system, as well as their families and carers, and understand the very real challenges they face.

Individually Jill and Sara both have long standing careers in education, Jill specialising in a college setting and Sara in alternative education provisions. They have both worked with young people with a wide range of additional support needs and understand that everyone is individual and needs support tailored to them. In addition to this they have both worked in rehabilitation facilities for adults and community projects tackling long term unemployment and poverty.



  • Respect – we respect everyone we meet

  • Inclusivity - we will work with anyone with any need

  • Compassion – we understand everyone has different circumstances and needs

  • Optimism - we believe that there is hope for a better future for all

  • Dedication - we never give up on anyone



Quality person centred delivery

We deliver services for young people, families and adults across justice, social care, education and communities. Our front-line team has a wealth of lived and professional experience enabling them to not only inspire people to turn around lives but to empower them to maintain that change for their futures.

We work across four main areas

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