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Our Services


On this page you will find all the services we offer for Primary schools, Secondary schools and alternative provisions, mentoring, community services and our justice work.

Inspiring Your Future puts at the very heart of every programme it delivers an understanding of the needs of the people it is delivering to.


The relationship we create builds strength and trust not only with the people we are working with, but also builds partnerships with commissioners and the organisations we collaborate with.


This thoughtful approach empowers us to co-design and co-deliver high quality programmes for every community.

Inspiring Your Future offers schools and learners the opportunity to access four workshops in one day that tackle some of the biggest issues this generation of learners face. Obesity, increased mental health issues, well-being and diet.

Our fun and interactive workshops are open to everyone, no matter their ability and are suitable for key stage 1 and key stage 2 learners.

Helping to build positive emotional and social behaviour, alongside thinking and communication skills, our easily accessible fun sessions not only tackle important issues but also improve behaviour, relationships, tackle bullying and help to reach important developmental and emotional milestones.

Most of all the emphasis is on fun and inclusion for all.

These one-day workshops are available to all primary schools no matter what size or needs of the learners

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Our secondary schools offer is for mainstream and alternative education provisions. Our three tier programme offers schools the option of one day provisions consisting of lived experience talks, sports and nutrition workshops and mental health workshops open to the whole school.

Our tier two programme is a six week half day programme running 1 day per week for targeted learners in both key stage 3 and key stage 4.  It addresses social needs, mental health, and other barriers they may face to achieving their potential.

Our tier three programme is a six week, full day programme running one day per week to targeted key stage four learners. This programme offers participation in our ‘Go The Distance’ programme which combines boxing, nutrition, diet and exercise as the foundation to tackle some of the barriers they face to success. In addition to this all learners will receive a first aid mental health level 1 qualification.


Substance Abuse

A targeted service with an informed, supportive and holistic approach to address the factors that drive the use of substances and build resilience and strength to overcome them.

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Gangs and violence reduction

A direct service that is built on the lived experience of others and addresses the causes and realistic consequences this lifestyle brings. We support anyone to make more positive lifestyle choices for themselves, their families and for their communities. Therefore reducing risk related behaviour.


Offender Management And Rehabiliation 

Relationship building and an understanding of an individuals need we believe is key to reducing reoffending and becoming a positive member of a community our support based programme is there to produce positive outcomes for the service user, a management agency and the wider community.


Youth Justice

A wide ranging and flexible service that offers diversion, support, prevention, and reparation through intense supervision and mentoring


Social Care

Holistic support for looked after young people whilst in care or preparing to leave care to help them improve their chances in life.

Missing Piece

Missing From Home and child exploitation

Support for young people who go missing from home or care with a range of solutions to help prevent and stop child exploitation


Emotional well-being mental health support

Building resilience through engagement, healthy relationships, trust and understanding. Our emotional wellbeing support offers a more positive lifestyle and access to opportunities to continue this

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Family Support

Bespoke interventions for families that need support for a range of issues they may be facing. Our caring and therapeutic response is available quickly for those most in need.

Positive Body Image

Advice and guidance to help build a more positive mindset around body image for everyone.

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