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Leon Residential Care

Inspiring Your Future was amazing fam! They worked us hard by doing the boxing. I really enjoyed it and want them to come back. I’d like Robbie to come back to play the guitar so I rap over it to some of the raps I have written.

They were sound people who told us how it is. I don’t want to make the same mistakes they did but I do want to be able to make a difference like they did for us when they came into school. I would really like to do the boxing again too it kept me focused and cleared my mind. I hope they come back to my school and help make it better.



I have had a pretty tough childhood, I have had that many things happen that I lost count; I just stopped caring.

I was out of control and I didn’t care, I hated the world and had no respect for anything. Every time I was placed in care I just ran away, I was getting in a lot of trouble with the police and I was on tag, I was told I was going to go to secure next and I just didn’t care. The first time I met Sara and Rob I couldn’t be bothered with another person trying to tell me what to do, when they came in the house they were different though, Rob told me about his story and he felt real, different from other people, it was like he understood what was happening to me.

I did so much with them, I didn’t want to let them down, I tried really hard to start to see what they were saying, it was good because you could see how Sara helped Rob too and it made me believe that there were good people in the world.

I know Rob has a bad background but he never made it sound good, he always said how hard his life was because of what he had done and it made me realise I didn’t want that life for me.

Sara made me realise that education was important, she used to do maths and English sessions with me; sometimes Rob joined in because he never finished school and it helped me to not be embarrassed.

Rob did loads of fitness stuff with me too, we all used to go to a gym in Chester and it was good to just get out of **** and be around other people, one of the main reasons I stopped smoking weed was because of the gym stuff I never thought I’d feel like this, I have goals now, I never once broke curfew on my tag and now my CP has been taken off me, I know I can do good things with my life, I don’t speak to people who are no good for me, I’m moving house for a fresh start with my family and I’m going to start college. If you would have told me this is January I would have thought you were mad.

Sara and Rob get it, they understand and they listen and they never give up on me. I just wish I had met them sooner than I did so they could have helped me before.


Professional Testimonial LAC SEBD SCHOOL

Inspiring Your Future is the most effective organisation we have used in our school. Working in an SEBD school for Looked after Children can be incredibly challenging, but when Sara, Robbie and the team came to visit they had all our young people fully engaged.

The young people were captivated by the experiences of the team; they felt understood and comfortable knowing they were not being judged. They had the opportunity to see people who understand their situations, made mistakes (which the young people are currently making with their risk taking behaviours) but have been able to turn it around and make something of themselves.

In my teaching experience, I have never seen a group of our pupils sitting so quietly, on the edge of their seats. Our young people got so much from just one session and are continuously asking when they are coming back.

If I could sum up Inspiring Your Future, I would say they are: Real, raw, emotive, captivating, refreshing, professional and hard working.

Sam Clarke



*Claire (Parent)

At the turn of the year my son who was 14 at the time was in a terrible downward spiral, he was continually committing crime, had not attended school in over a year, he had spent numerous days in custody, he was using cannabis and had absconded from care. He returned home to us and we were told by our social worker that they had managed to secure the services of a project called Inspiring Your Future to try and help him. We were sceptical at first as nothing at all had worked with my son and he was not good at engaging with new people.

As soon as we met Rob and Sara we instantly felt at ease. We knew from the beginning what Rob’s background was and we could tell they genuinely wanted to help him change his life and get off the current path he was on. They worked with him solidly every day and the results were amazing.

He stopped offending as soon as they started with him, they were open and honest about what would happen to him. They also helped us as a family and brought us all back together. In time he stopped smoking cannabis and amazingly they got him to return to school something we never thought possible.

As a direct result of the time, effort and care that was shown my son he was removed from the CP register and now has a real focus for his future. I cannot thank Rob and Sara enough for the work they have done with my son, he has made a total turnaround in his life and now believes he has a future that he can look forward to.

I think all young people in my sons position should be able to work with Sara and Rob as they are proof that with the right people, the right backgrounds and the ability to be straight and truthful with young people can make a massive difference.

I now look forward to my sons future.


Young person in care - Leticia

These people were sound. When they told us their stories it reminded me of me and some of the things I do. They showed me I do not need to keep doing bad things and even though I have done some silly things it’s not too late to make a new start.


Sandra (Parent)

“To be honest we had run out of ideas with Joe when we met Sara. Joe had been a straight A Star student that we thought would fly through school and go on to be a doctor or lawyer. A series of events meant that Joe had spiralled down into a situation where he could be facing a future without qualifications and he was very down, disengaged and could see no way to turnaround.

Then the ray of light entered the room- Sara! She was amazing. She has a natural ability to tap into what makes youngsters tick and most importantly makes them believe in themselves again. Over a number of weeks we saw Joe's self-esteem come back, he started to function as he used to and he could see a way forward and how he could get an education.

I don't know how Sara did it but she is amazing. He bounced out of bed to see her, became motivated and a pleasant person to be around. He now faces a future with qualifications and a route through to university, he could not have done this without her

BOY 2.jpg

Joe (Learner...attending Full time college)

“I thought it had gone too far for me to get my GCSE's. After the first session with Sara, I thought there might be some hope and then she made me realise I could get some qualifications. She is cool and made me realise I can have a good future. She made a difference and seemed to understand me and not judge me. We made a plan of what I could achieve and we stuck to it and I now feel good about the future. Thanks Sara!”

*James (now 23 and working full time)

You’re such a big part of my life, I’ll never forget you. Helped me be the man I am today, out of everyone you gave me the time more than most, I have so much love for that and I will never forget you helping me to get my first C and me breaking down because it was the first time I achieved anything at school, remember it like it was yesterday.

*Josh ( care leaver now working in the care system himself)

When you first started working with me I had no hope left, I didn’t know where I was going to be living and what I was going to do. I was heading towards jail and I really didn’t care.

We spent 12 long months together and you spending all that time with me to get my GCSE maths and English when I was not attending school really made a difference. You helped me to see who I could be, you were always straight with me, told me when I was being stupid and fought for me when no-one else was. I’d had social workers, family support workers and loads of other people try but I clicked with you and as much as I didn’t act like it at the time I know how much your straight talking meant now and why you did it.

I know you say that I owe you nothing and it’s down to me but without you I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now and making a difference to other people. When people ask me how I changed It I always tell them about that time you took me to give a talk to kids I was only a year older than. I was so nervous but you trusted me and believed I could make a difference to them, without someone believing in me like that I don’t think I would have ever believed in myself, I try to do that now with the kids I work with

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